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deletemeWith the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival tour commencing August 8, SPIN  posted July 31 a Q&A with some of the festival comedians. The excerpt below is just the Sarah pieces. (Remember, Sarah only appears on some of the tour dates; go to our Oddball Festival page for just the venues where Sarah is among the slated comedians.)

SPIN: Do you know any good drummer jokes?

Sarah Silverman: What a weird question. You are a weirdo. But, I kind of do: I was working in a club setting up the tables and the drummer from the band that was playing that night was sitting at her drum kit, watching me. I made a dumb joke and she goes, “Buh dum bum” sarcastically — like with her MOUTH. I was like, “You know that comes FROM drums right?”

SPIN: What’s your favorite album to have sexxx to?

SS: That’s easy: The original Broadway cast recording of OKLAHOMA

SPIN: What’s in your tour rider?**

SS: Honestly? Two waters and two sugar free red bulls

SPIN: Fill in the blank: If comedians are the new rock stars, then rock stars are the new ____.

SS: Commercial jingles?

SPIN: I like to yell out “Freebird” during quiet moments at concerts. Can you suggest something funnier?

SS: Anything is funnier than doing that. That joke is TIRED. I bet a hundred dollars you first heard of “Freebird” FROM that joke. (Because I did.)

SPIN: Do you own your own comedy stool?

SS: Yes and yes there’s blood in it.

(**SSO note: “tour rider”=  requirement to be provided during tour)
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