Masters of Sex costumer redresses Sarah

071614CrabtreeWhen New York magazine recently interviewed Masters of Sex costume designer Ane Crabtree for its fashion section (posted July 15), Crabtree was in the process of working with series newcomers including Sarah, whose body she said “fits completely in the 1950s” (when the Showtime drama takes place).

Here are the designer’s complete comments about Sarah (in response to the question, “Sarah Silverman and Betsy Brandt are two new stars who’ll be on the show. Can you share any insight into the costume-design process for them?)”:

Sarah plays a girl called Helen. We’ve heard about Helen in season one — we heard the name come out of Betty’s mouth. But we never actually saw Helen. What’s interesting with Sarah is that she’s so gorgeous and contrasting — pale-white skin, raven-black hair — and has a body that fits completely in the 1950s. And Sarah — forever in jeans and baseball caps and baseball tees, and boots — to take all that off: Lord have mercy!

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