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Here’s what Nerdist posted May 30:

deletemeSarah Silverman and Giovanni Ribisi Talk A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST

By Clarke Wolfe on May 30, 2014

Seth MacFarlane’s new comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West opens this weekend and Nerdist had the opportunity to attend a press conference with two of the stars, Sarah Silverman and Giovanni Ribisi. The pair discussed working with MacFarlane, making a Western and how they would prevent themselves from dying in the West.

“I would definitely bring floss because death creeps in through the gums,” said Sarah Silverman, one of the stars of Family Guy and Ted creator Seth MacFarlane’s latest live action feature, when she’s asked what she’d take back in time to the old west. Her co-star, Giovanni Ribisi, chimed in adding, “Neosporin for infections.”

Once the questions veered away from death, doom and gloom and onto their experience working with MacFarlane on a Western, both actors appeared to light up. Ribisi revealed what it was that attracted him to the project in the first place saying, “Working with Seth and doing a Western because he told me he was going to make it like a classy, John Ford thing and I think visually it is that…” Silverman added, “How about the score too?” which was written by composer Joel McNeely, to which Ribisi replied, “The score! The score is one of my favorites too!”

All in all, it would appear that working with MacFarlane was one of the best experiences both of the actors could have hoped for, which Silverman explained like this: “One thing you can tell I feel like when you watch a Scorsese or Tarantino movie, and I think it’s the same with Seth, [is that] you’re watching something made by someone who is a huge fan of what he is doing. A huge fan of films, he’s a movie fan and he’s a comedy fan and he’s a music fan. When something is made by someone who loves what they’re doing and loves other people in the same genre and grew up on these things that fortified him and now this is what he’s made with what made him. It’s always exciting when you watch movies made by those guys, including Seth, because you know it’s made by someone who just loves what he does.”

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