Video: Even more of Sarah on Bill Maher

This is from the “Overtime” segment of Bill Maher’s May 23 show.


Sarah is part of the panel responding to this list of questions. (Careful, it’s twelve minutes of mostly politics. But Sarah does weigh in each time– especially at timecode 7m:35s for the pot question– and shows she is, as fans know, not just witty, but also smart and wise.

-Should the Washington Redskins change their name?
-Are radio talk show hosts true believers or salesmen?
-Does Nancy Pelosi appointing Democrats to the Benghazi investigative panel give the scandal validity?
-To Jose Antonio Vargas– Which was harder: coming out as gay or coming out as undocumented?
-Isn’t it time for the major sports leagues to re-think their policies on marijuana use by athletes?


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