Sarah on The View 5/23/14

Here’s how ABC reported on Sarah’s appearance on The View today.

Sarah Silverman Talks Her ‘Love’ for Michael Sheen 

theviewMay 23, 2014
by Michael Rothman

Sarah Silverman doesn’t talk about her boyfriend — “butt” there are exceptions.

While on “The View” today, the comedian explained a picture of her and Sheen at the Met Gala, with her grabbing his behind.

“What am I supposed to say, I’m an ass man,” she said.

Asked if she’s in love or lust, she answered and defined the relationship. The comedian got a bit uncomfortable.

“Look, this is so awkward, listen I love his body but I also love what’s inside,” she said, opening up for the first time about Sheen publicly.

“He speaks foreign, he’s foreign and on his show ‘Masters of Sex’ he speaks perfect American,” she joked, as Sheen is British. “I’m like ‘If you can talk normal, why don’t you do that all the time?’ And I like to get in his face and go, ‘USA, number one!’ and he’s like ‘Number one in what?’ and I’m like ‘Obesity?'”

The two have been dating since December.


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