Sarah sees N word double standard


This is a segment from Thursday night’s broadcast on DirecTV of the Sarah interview on Off Camera with Sam Jones. The clip link title above as well as the summary below are from the conservative website

     Thursday night on DirecTV’s Audience Channel’s show “Off Camera with Sam Jones,” comedienne Sarah Silverman was very candid while discussing her 2005 “Jesus is Magic” show getting a bad review from A.O. Scott of “The New York Times”.  Scott argued that while Silverman’s show seemed raunchy and cutting edge, it was a liberal, politically correct inside joke between a like minded audience and the comedian. Silverman admitted Scoot was right about the double standard between liberal and conservatives saying “I agreed with everything he said, and of course that notion that … well I can say the n-word because I’m liberal, and of course, I don’t mean it and we can say it because we know, we don’t mean it. And there is something gross about that.”


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