Sarah to adopt two children

Of course, the operative word missing from that headline is “someday.”  (What a shameless grab at site traffic.)


After their appearance at the Women in the World summit in New York yesterday, Sarah and her sister, Susan, had a follow-up interview during which they talked in greater depth about one of the topics they had mentioned during their WitW talk: international adoption. Two of Susan’s five children are international adoptees, and Sarah said she, too, hopes someday to adopt internationally.

Susan: She’s going to adopt.

Host: Are you?

Sarah: Yeah, I mean, you know– when I’m ready. I’m not– I’m going to be like–

Host: How soon are you going to be ready?

Sarah: I think like early fifties, I’ll adopt a couple sisters from Afghanistan or something. Build a life. But I’m not ready yet. I’ll probably be young grandma age. That’s why I need to stay healthy and strong and stuff.

[Click the pic to see that dialogue, or watch the full conversation here.]

They did go on after that to talk about other topics (Susan about Sarah’s activism as carrying on the tradition of the biblical prophets, a comparison she has made often before; Sarah on the need to stop the systematic chipping away at a woman’s right to choose).  Fans may like the cutely nostalgic moment when Sarah recalls their mom’s having worn a pin advocating “Think globally, act locally” when they were kids.

To learn more about the issue of international adoption, go to Susan Silverman’s site about the topic,


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