Hinkle praises working with Sarah

031714MarinHinklePMarin Hinkle played Sarah’s flashback mother, “Rose Silverman,” on The Sarah Silverman Program, and she is currently in a play in New York. In a 3/17/14 podcast of a recent WAMC public radio interview with Hinkle, host Sarah Laduke asked the actress what it was like to work on Sarah’s series. Click here to hear her answer, or read a transcript of it below.

.          “I got to play Sarah’s mother in flashback scenes. And she was so dear and hilarious because she kept saying that I reminded her of her mom– which is the only reason that I got the job. Maybe I looked a little like her. So it was a little odd because I would want to hear more information from her about what she needed me to be, and she would say, you know, ‘Trust yourself, come on, just do it’ –whatever. She literally is so fantastic, because, again, like what I was just saying, in this profession there are no right answers. And you kinda look for them sometimes. That’s the kinda way we were educated growing up. You know, what’s right, what’s wrong. And Sarah has that part of her, clearly, that doesn’t go for right. I mean she’s going for whatever makes sense to her– I think– in the moment. She’s unbelievably spontaneous. Keeps that crew laughing constantly. And I just sat there going, ‘I have a lot to learn from the way she takes risks. And she certainly does and always has, and I hope, pray God, she always will. Cause she’s an exciting and incredible performer to be able to have worked with.”

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