Sarah proclaimed America’s Sweetheart

It’s been more than a months since the Orbit gum press event about Sarah’s ad campaign for them, and we’ve been wondering when we’d see more articles spring from that than just the Huffington Post one. Here’s one just up from OK! magazine.

Stand-up comic, writer, and actress Sarah Silverman sat down with OK! at an event for Orbit gum in NYC to share what’s on her mind—and she didn’t use the “F”word once! Don’t believe us? Check it out below!

OK! Magazine: Finish this sentence. The biggest misconception about me is: Sarah Silverman:…that I’m Jewish. I mean, I’m Jewish in that it’s just in my pores and stuff, but I have no religion. My religion is science and love.

OK!: If Kim Kardashian were my best friend, the best advice I can give her is: SS: …I can’t even relate to her.

030614OKlogoOK!: I think Miley Cyrus is: SS: …awesome and an artist. I understand the quandary that parents have when their kids go from loving Hannah Montana to seeing this woman expressing herself artistically, but I think she has the right to express herself the way she sees fit. That’s going to change as she grows and matures. I think it’s exciting to watch. I think her album Bangerz is fantastic!

OK!: I think botox is: SS: I’m a comedienne. I need to move my face. If you like it, that’s great for you.

OK!: If I could see into the future with a Magic 8 ball, I would want to know: SS: …what happens when you die, and like, how do planes work? They’re so heavy, but they’re floating. I know it has to do with vacuum and air pressure and contrast, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

OK!: Orbit gum is important to me because: SS: …I’m honored to be the vessel through which Orbit decided to bring their freshness to America. I think it’s an obvious choice—I’m America’s sweetheart!

OK!: The No. 1 thing on my bucket list is: SS: …to do an interview with OK! Magazine!

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