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022814PrairieBusinessSarah was the angle used by the editor of Prairie Business Magazine in her February 28 forward to the March issue. (We’ve included just the first few paragraphs.) And no, there is no interview or other mention of Sarah in the magazine.

One of my favorite and, I think, most poignant recent observations regarding how far women have come in leveling the field in the workplace comes from comedian Sarah Silverman.

She tells her audiences that the biggest mistake anyone can make is to tell girls they can be anything they want when they grow up. This is a mistake, not because it’s not true, but because girls would never think otherwise if someone didn’t say so, she says.

Of course, even a few short decades ago, this was not the case. And to some extent today, women continue to battle glass ceilings in terms of pay and in job availability. As a female stand-up comedian, an historically male-dominated profession, Silverman is no doubt herself no stranger to gender-related professional battles. But her success in today’s comedy industry has paved the way for a slew of up-and-coming female comics who seek to be recognized for their quick wit and originality rather than their gender. 

Likewise, many of the women featured in our inaugural top 25 women in business list believe strongly that women can now pursue and succeed in any career without paying heed to gender. Several women featured on the list have succeeded in making a name for themselves in industries such as manufacturing, where women continue to comprise a minority of the workforce, but they have risen to the top of their professions regardless.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the women who made our list and believe they set a strong example for the region’s entire business community, male and female. …

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