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New interview: Basketball, women, and gum

Looks like the interview was done in the last week of January, but this article by Matthew Jacobs went up on Huffington Post January 12. We’re looking forward to March, when we’ll get to see Sarah plugging Orbit gum. When … Continue reading

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Sarah dating Sheen?

That’s been the suspicion at least since February 5, when Sarah left Michael Sheen’s birthday party with the Masters of Sex star in her passenger seat. (Kyle Dunnigan, in a relationship with Sarah since 2011, was described in a December 2013 episode … Continue reading

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On Fallon finale offers wise advice 2/7/14

Here’s Sarah’s segment of the celebrity advice montage from the last episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, February 7.

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Quoted on anti-ageism

A frequent, unabashed advocate for a variety of doing-what’s-right causes, Sarah, through her activism, sometimes shows the lasting effects the celebrity bully pulpit can have. Case in point: It was back in September (9/12/13) that Sarah talked on Totally Biased about … Continue reading

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Art: Thousand vag poster

Sarah was among those appearing at this January 2014 event who signed this poster. The fundraiser was for “A Is For,” an organization that supports women’s reproductive rights. You can buy one of these limited edition signed posters for $75 at LaLaLandPrints, and $50 of … Continue reading

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Amusing musing in Andy Cohen’s green room

So this is what was going on as Sarah was on deck at Watch What Happens Live. (posted 2/6/14)

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In Kimmel cameo 2/6/14

Jimmy Kimmel did his 6th edition of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” last night, and Sarah was one of the readers. The pic takes you straight to Sarah’s timecode, or go here to see the whole bit.

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