Audio: Sarah sings at Stern birthday 1/31/14

For her spot in the Howard Stern birthday bash January 31 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City,¬†Sarah first greeted Howard and Robin Quivers, then, with irony, host Jimmy Kimmel (“who used to be my world”).

And things seemed to turn seriously sentimental, as Sarah declared, “Howard, you have given us all so much. I feel like we, your fans, are like these bottomless pits. Because as much as you give and as much as you give to us, we will always want more. And when I think of all the memories I have, as a guest, and as a listener more than anything, I just– I wish that we could freeze time, so that the show would just never, ever end.”

But the punchline was the musical number she then launched into, an original song¬†(dubbed later by reporters,¬†“Stop the Clock”) she’d written for the occasion, on which she was joined by Natalie Maines (of The Dixie Chicks). Listen to it here. If you don’t know the Stern show, you won’t know much of what she’s talking about; but if you are a Stern listener, you’ll love one show reference after another.



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