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    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Archive for January, 2014

Ten reasons why Sarah is sexiest

Posted by Gator on January 31st, 2014

013014LadsWishListLogoPresumably titillated by the just-released trailer and posters for A Million Ways to Die in the West, LadsWishList.com featured Sarah as its current “Spotlight” feature, with the headline, “10 Reasons Why Sarah Silverman Is the Sexiest Comedian EVER!”

Attends NYC Super Bowl party 1/29/14

Posted by Gator on January 31st, 2014


Sarah was one of the guests at a Super Bowl dinner, January 29, hosted by Steve Tisch, co-owner of the NY Giants football team. The N.Y. Post listed among others at the event, held at the Greenwich Village (NYC) restaurant, Carbone: Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Jon BonJovi, Jay Black (“This Magic Moment”), who performed, and a number of society types and sports figures.

The Wall Street Journal reported this about Sarah’s attendance:

Comedian Sarah Silverman…had to jet out early to tape “Watch What Happens” with Andy Cohen. She had also already eaten, at her favorite New York restaurant, the East Village’s B&H Dairy.

“They have great matzoh ball soup,” she said. “And it’s vegetarian.”

Did she care about the Super Bowl, we wondered?

“No,” she mouthed, shaking her head. “Not at all.”

Video: Trailer’s here for Million Ways to Die!

Posted by Gator on January 30th, 2014

The trailer for A Million Ways to Die in the West has been released, and it’s definitely Not Safe for Work. But also definitely made us even more anxious to see the film (release date: May 30). Watch the whole thing, or go straight to Sarah’s brief moment at 1:03, or her 15 second scene at 1:45. Be ready to laugh!

Video: On Watch What Happens Live 1/29/14

Posted by Gator on January 30th, 2014

WWWHL_Logo2Some of the reports about Sarah’s appearance last night on Watch What Happens Live (hosted by Andy Cohen on Bravo Network) mention what Sarah says about Kimmel’s “narcolepsy,” or about her heterosexuality. But if you actually listen to the broadcast, we think you’ll agree with us that other moments are more interesting. We recommend clips #4 and #7 below.

Sorry Bravo doesn’t post it complete and uninterrupted. Guess they want to force us to listen to seven separate 30-second ads.

Game Time

Dating Jimmy Kimmel: Narcolepsy?

About Miley and Madonna

Cher calls in with announcement

About her personal sexual identity

About chances of hosting Saturday Night Live

About Brandi Glanville, Andy pounding fruit, Urban Decay on her lips, and oral hygiene

First pic of Sarah in upcoming Million Ways

Posted by Gator on January 29th, 2014

Seth MacFarlane, writer and director of A Million Ways to Die in the West, which opens in May, tweeted a bunch of character posters today, including one of Sarah.


Interview: Tells AdWeek about Jesus video

Posted by Gator on January 29th, 2014

Sarah talked to AdWeek about her recent video/PSA in which a visit from Jesus leads to discussion of women’s rights issues and promotion of Reproductive Rights Pride Day in September. Here’s the article from 1/29/14.


by David Gianatasio — January 29, 2014

Sarah Silverman is no stranger to controversy stemming from her politically charged PSAs. In her latest polarizing video, released last week, she bonds with Jesus Christ while they watch an NCIS marathon and discuss the state of women’s reproductive rights in America.

The five-minute video, predictably lauded by the left and reviled by the right, has surpassed 800,000 YouTube views in its bid to promote “V to Shining V,” a national pride day for women scheduled for Sept. 27.

Past progressive messages from the comic include “The Great Schlep,” a Barack Obama-boosting clip that went mega-viral in 2008, and a 2012 video in which she offered to fool around with ultra-conservative tycoon Sheldon Alderson if he agreed to donate $100 million to Obama instead of Romney.

In a Q&A with AdFreak, Silverman vehemently denies the new spot is a rant against Christianity, and laments that there are haters who, in response to such videos, “call me ‘Jew’ and wish me murder and rape and it scares the shit out of me.”

AdFreak: What was the genesis of the “Jesus” PSA? Sarah Silverman: I noticed that women’s rights were being very quietly chipped away, a lot like the voter suppression stuff. I think the Right knows that making abortion illegal in this country would be a bear of a task, so they’re kind of just knocking out the headlights of our car, state by state, and then saying, “Oops, looks like you can’t drive, you got a broken headlight.”

Were you worried about the possible backlash, or perhaps looking forward to it, because that would build buzz? I try not to read the angry tweets and threats. It’s hard because there’s so much of it. But if I let myself read it, I start to tremble and get really scared and I’m afraid it will make me stop doing this kind of stuff.

Are you pleased with the response it’s gotten so far? Has anything about the response surprised you? Yes, I am pleased. I’m perplexed when I see the Breitbart and Tea Party headlines like, “Jew Sarah Silverman Makes Video Blaspheming Jesus, Attacking Christians.”

I’ll never be surprised, but it’s just frustrating because that is most certainly not what this video is. To me, it’s information that people need to (more…)