Trivia: Winstead LR was Sarah movie site

December 23 Daily Beast article about Friend-of-Sarah, Lizz Winstead, mentions this interesting tid-bit: Sarah’s famous scene in The Aristocrats (2005) was filmed in Lizz Winstead’s then-living room. The article excerpt:

  WithLizzWinstead2013   Ex-Daily Show correspondent Brian Unger…admires Winstead’s ability to turn any workplace, even the writers’ room at The Daily Show, into “a comfortable Minnesota throwback living room.”
     It’s actually Winstead’s own comfortable throwback living room where Sarah Silverman is seen lounging in one of the most notoriously depraved scenes of the 2005 comedy documentary The Aristocrats. Silverman first met Winstead in New York in the ‘90s and the two reunited in 2001 at a party in L.A. “She was in a hammock and embraced me so warmly,” Silverman tells me. “I fell in love with her that day and she’s been one of the greatest friends of my life ever since.” (Silverman once sublet Winstead’s apartment and broke [her] “beautiful” wooden chair. “She said, ‘Oh Marge—she calls everyone Marge—that’s just stuff. I don’t care about stuff.”)

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