On “Who Charted” podcast

121813WhoChartedSarah was live on “Who Charted” 12/18/13, and now a podcast of that appearance (EP159) is available. Click here to listen.

This is the description from Earwolf:

The lovely and hilarious Sarah Silverman joins Kulap and a layered Howard on a VPN edition of WHO CHARTED! We hear one of Sarah’s diary entries, where she got her new dog, and her thoughts on Drake during the Billboard Rhythmic Songs Chart. Later, we learn how Howard stores his contact lenses and where Sarah got her professional dance moves from while counting down the Highest Grossing Animated Movie Chart & answering your Twitter Qs!

UPDATE: Go here to see pics of Sarah taken during the broadcast.

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One Response to On “Who Charted” podcast

  1. Chantell says:

    Cool! Did her other dog die? So sad!

    SSO REPLIES: Yes. She wrote about it famously here.

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