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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07


11 Responses to “It’s Sarah’s birthday! (12/1/70)”

Happy Bday SARAH- U rock- u cracked us up- with your Brilliant HBO special last SAT. nite- Did u get a New DOG or 2 for Your BDAY? Rescue One! LOve Laurie


Happy Birthday Sarah. Saw the HBO special yesterday and it was amazing :) Very insightful and deep.

Happy Birthday Miss Silverman Sachs, i’m not sure if Jews have all the money, but one thing’s for sure is that us Mexicans sure buy lots of chairs…

Happy birthday, you rock out loud!

Holy smokes you have the same birthday as one of my cats — guess I have to sing this for you too:


sarah you have a gift…you make people smile and laugh…thank you for so many giggles..you are a very special person…perhaps someday i will meet you and thank you in person…you are blessed…you are a blessing
ned buchbinder
honorary vp of your fan club

Happy bday!

Happy Birthday Sarah yesterday…

peace on Earth
Nick Paradissis

Happy Birthday! I would like to see you live is person. I seen all your HBO specials. Where can I get a list of your apprearances at? You are so sweet and beautiful. Keep us smiling.

SSO REPLY: The Sarah Silverman Online list of upcoming appearances is always here.

Happy Birthday Sarah! You are amazing!

Sarah, Happy Birthday, my bday the 9th of Dec. was super sad since my daughter, 17 year old Eva had a bad accident and is still in a persistant veg state after 20 months . ANYWAY I just wanted to say that you gave me my first laugh in almost two
years so a big hug and thank you !!!

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