Excerpts from 11/25 Saban benefit

Variety printed some of the quips Sarah made at the Saban benefit Monday:

“I shouldn’t mention Walt Disney being a Holocaust denier in this room, right?” she asked the audience. “I’m being a hypocrite because I’m in a Disney movie, but if they do not make a sequel to ‘Wreck-It Ralph,’ I will speak my mind.”

Silverman continued the roast, admitting that she wasn’t too friendly with Nevins, but she did spoon him during a pitch meeting. Apparently, he “took it like a champ.”

The comedienne went on to explain that she couldn’t say no to performing at an event for such a good cause, as she has such a huge heart.

“I see those ads on TV with the kids in Africa with the flies and the big bellies, and these are one and two year-old-babies, nine months pregnant, and it breaks my heart,” she joked. “And I don’t give money because I don’t want them to spend it on drugs.”

For great pics of Sarah on the benefit red carpet, go here.

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