Review: Sarah at OSU 11/1/13

Here’s the review from the Ohio State University newspaper, The Lantern, of Sarah’s Friday night campus performance.


November 2, 2013
by Nick Roll

“I just want to be held, and washed, and bathed…like a princess. Or a quadriplegic.”

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman took her stand-up to the Mershon Auditorium Friday night for a special performance, sponsored by the Ohio Union Activities Board. Her routine explored a range of topics, from religion to politics to sexuality.

“I try not to describe my humor, because it’s not for me, I just put it out there. I like to do a lot of social and political stuff, but with a lot of d— and vagina jokes, too,” Silverman said in a pre-show interview with The Lantern.

The comedian went on to talk about performing, saying, “I don’t perform at colleges that often, rarely really, because I’m performing to a sea of iPhones, kids just don’t give a f—. They lack the theater experience.”

Despite the hassles though, Silverman was excited and said she loves stand-up because the reaction is instantaneous.

“Everything is immediate, where when you do a TV show, it takes a while, and the editors and directors are in control,” she said. “My favorite part in stand-up is connecting with the audience. It’s a show for me, too.”

For anyone looking to get into stand-up comedy, Silverman gave some advice, saying, “Just don’t worry about getting big. Get stage time, get your 10,000 hours, then think of getting big in New York or LA.”

As for her experience, she said the most valuable things for her career were all the “little victories and big humiliations,” and her mentorship under comedian Garry Shandling.

Silverman kept her word about it being a show for her and emphasized it in her hour-long act. The show opened with her grabbing an audience member and interviewing him in front of the crowd. She improvised as the student responded to her questions.

The show was focused around love, social issues, family life and religion. Silverman shared embarrassing personal memories with the crowd, saying “I want to get uncomfortable with you.”

When talking about Christianity and how easy it is to be forgiven, she came up with the idea of “Hitler goes to Heaven,” which subsequently spun off to be what she thought would make a great name for a band.

Not stopping there, however, she continued to poke fun at anything and everything, even the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make Another Wish, she explained, would be a more accurate name for the organization, since most kids’ first wish would be that they live.

Silverman showed her range in skill by bouncing back and forth between joking about her insecurities and confidently calling out hecklers, people with weird laughs, or, in one case, someone who she saw on Twitter.

“Come on, you’re four feet away from me, you’re in the front row,” Silverman said to the student.

Silverman ended her show by performing a song she wrote on guitar, singing in the voice of an angel and using the vocabulary of a sailor.


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