2012 Fox pilot now on JASH

Twentieth Century Fox has allowed Sarah to post for viewing on JASH her 2012 TV pilot (not picked up as a series), Susan 313.  It’s only available for a few weeks, so watch it while you can!

UPDATE: 20th Century Fox’s viewing permission has expired, so they closed their link, making all linkbacks, including JASH’s, no longer functional. Contact us if you know of an alternate link that works.


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2 Responses to 2012 Fox pilot now on JASH

  1. Doug Scheiber says:

    This production reminded me of the first season of Whitney. Not without its faults, but charming none the less.

    Great to see Tig and Harris acting. Both were fun to watch. Thanks to 20th Century Fox for being cool enough to let this be shown to the world.

  2. ned b. says:

    sarah you are a delight. thank you for you…many laughs and also some profound insights.


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