Review: Just for Laughs recap #4

NowTorontoLogo2Excerpted from Glenn Sumi at
(Posted 9/27/13 about Sarah’s 9/20/13 second show)

Clad in shorts, a Blue Jays home jersey and tall boots, she started off with a couple of amusing anecdotes about baring all for Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz. Then she proceeded to have an extended tete-a-tete with a young guy from the front row about his first sexual experiences. The dude’s name was Tanner, and Silverman quickly said, “You’re not tanner than anyone,” in reference to his pale complexion.

She took on Jewish stereotypes with originality, addressed her history of bed-wetting and sent up the whole idea of pubic hair shaving via a very funny and pointed look at Bratz dolls. Speaking of which, her bit on how to make the word “pussy” powerful showed off her great ear and sense of the absurd. And she left her political stuff until the end, with terrific jokes about Obama and Kanye West and how to solve the problem of child poverty in Africa (just have people imagine it’s a big puppy shelter).

One of her final bits about her ambivalence towards motherhood ended with a very dark joke that proved she hasn’t lost her edge.


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