Kanye loves Sarah?

Kanye West may be a Sarah fan. Some evidence of that has come to light as a result of the recent Kanye West vs. Jimmy Kimmel “rap feud.”

Kanye recently sat for a long (four-part) interview on British TV with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe. And in the interview he made enough noteworthy comments to prompt a satirical response on Jimmy Kimmel’s U.S. talk show; Kimmel showed a parody video with children playing West and Lowe. But what really took things viral was Kanye’s long line of ranting responses on Twitter to the Kimmel bit.

Among those tweets, Kanye made one direct reference to Sarah (see below) and two indirect (one to Sarah’s Wreck-It Ralph character, one to Sarah’s “Fucking Matt Damon” video made for Kimmel years ago). That’s why we figure Kanye must be a Sarah fan.




If you want to know more of the history of the situation, here’s the full BBC interview series, here’s a compilation that has some of Kanye’s most entertaining parts, here’s the Kimmel monologue commenting (including the actual parody featuring children), and here’s the Kimmel monologue the next day (including his reactions to each of the Tweets of Kanye).

UPDATE: Here’s Sarah’s Twitter reaction –


UPDATE 9/29/13 – Reports today say, “Now all traces of the Twitter rant have been erased from West’s official account.”

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