Review: Another Just for Laughs report

092613TheSceneMagCanadian comic Dean Young attended Sarah’s Just for Laughs (JFL42) performance September 20, then wrote about it for Canada’s The Scene magazine. Here’s the section of his article that talks about Sarah. (To see the full article for context, or to read about her opening act, K. Trevor Wilson, go here.)

Out came Sarah, decked out in a Blue Jays jersey for a big “hello, Tor-on-to”! (Oldest trick in the touring pro performer’s book)

Its always funny to me, as someone else who is for better or worse, not from here, to pronounce the name of this town without the customary “CHORONNO”. Nice to hear a fucking T or two!

Sarah brought her A-game, as she does, and didn’t disappoint for show #2 in her Friday night tenure at JFL42. Working the crowd like a… I dunno, some sort of Goddamn sports analogy. She’s a champ, dig?

She chews a few people out for being glued to their smart phones (an ironically shitty name for these devices, in these situations)

“Is your life going to be that much different by someone LIKING your picture of being at this fucking show?? Why don’t you be at this show, its happening right now, I’m right here now, you’re here, live life” (or something like that, I paraphrase)

She spots two of the only empty seats in the whole joint. And they’re up front

“Some rich people bought these and then were like, ‘its toooo much work to actually go’

So she asks the ushers to populate them with whoever has the shittiest seats in the house. At one point, she brings up a 21 year old kid from the crowd and grills him about how/when/where and to WHO did he lose his v-card? Are his parents here tonight? Does he get good grades?

Kid gives it back as good as he gets it, he’s a good sport considering he’s sitting on the edge of the stage, next to one of the most famous comics of the internet age, in an auditorium packed with 3,000 rowdy fan boys & girls

At one point the kid tells her she looks good for her age (42, by the way. And no JFL42 doesn’t stand for “Jewish Funny Lady of 42″ but its a cute thought)

Sarah digs the jab.

She spends the night ripping through honed bits and polished sets with pure precision, the crowd eats it up. Some of us are working comics, some are comedy purists, some are Silverman elite – and some, like the kid in the crowd, mostly know her from fucking Matt Damon and recently roasting James Franco.

She opens up about the fam. Her sister Laura, who fans will remember from the Sarah Silverman Program where she played… her sister Laura. Her other sister, a working rabbi on a kibbutz in Israel. And the recent passing of her beloved canine life partner, Duck. And her current boyfriend, fellow Comiker Kyle Dunnigan

She throws in a song to close it out (“C*nt Song” of course)

But for me, the beautiful thing was seeing this heavyweight burn through a solid 30 minutes of new bits in the final lap. Occasionally, referring to the notebook nearby for a not-so-tested tag or an unfleshed thought. After all, if you’re Sarah Silverman, where do you workshop some new material, with Largo oh so far away?

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