REVIEW: More about Sarah at Just for Laughs

Here’s what Eleni posted 9/21 about Sarah’s September 20 Just for Laughs appearance.

“Let’s have an experience together,” Sarah Silverman said from backstage before the beginning of her show, urging guests to turn off their cellphones and pay attention to her instead of Facebook. Silverman was the first of JFL42’s three headliners to perform at the festival, with two back-to-back shows at Toronto’s Sony Centre yesterday evening. The night featured songs and snot and stories—and lots of jokes about masturbation.

Who opened:

Toronto comedian K. Trevor Wilson, whose slow, deep voice lulled the crowd into a laugh-trance. This is the second time Wilson has worked with Silverman, having performed in her gala at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal earlier this summer.

What the vibe was like:

Silverman is a really warm comedian, whose dirt-filthy material is offset by her charming and very cute onstage presence. Everybody was loving her!

Topics of the night:

Vaginas. Her dead dog’s breath. How self-deprecation is just self-obsession. Being Jewish. Meeting Obama. Meeting Kanye West. And lots of stuff that’s too profane to write about on this blog.

What she said about Toronto:

Silverman started her 7:00pm set with an impromptu anecdote about the time she spent in Toronto shooting Sarah Polley’s 2011 film Take This Waltz. In addition to gushing about how much she loves Polley, she also told a story—again, not really safe-for-blog—about her nude YMCA shower scene in that movie. It involved a razor and a footstool.

Best off-the-cuff moment:

Near the end of her act, Silverman announced that she really needed to blow her nose, but said she’d just wait it out—“Cause I’m a professional.” But after an audience member near the front handed her a Hello Kitty-brand tissue, she laid down on the stage in fetal position with her back to the crowd and did what she needed to do.

How it ended:

Silverman concluded her show with a song about respecting all the earth’s creatures great and small. Just kidding, it was about something really profane that we can’t repeat here.

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