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091013ctpostErik Ofgang’s interview with Sarah the week leading to her 9/14 gig in Connecticut was published September 10 in the Connecticut Post. (Not much new here, unless you didn’t know that among her comedy influences was the Woody Allen double album of her mom’s that Sarah grew up with.) Here’s the article:

While she was growing up, Sarah Silverman’s parents always encouraged her to speak her mind and discuss what she was thinking and feeling.

Today, the 42-year-old comic credits that encouragement with helping her develop her bold, no-holds-barred comedic style.

That style will be on display when Silverman takes the stage at the Ridgefield Playhouse on Saturday, Sept. 14. Silverman will be performing a set that includes new material, much of which will be included in her upcoming HBO comedy special.

The special will be the latest in a long line of film and TV credits, including an Emmy nomination for outstanding leading actress in a comedy series for “The Sarah Silverman Program,” and was also nominated for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series for “Monk.”

She won an Emmy for outstanding original music and lyrics as one of the writers of a raunchy song for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” inspired by Matt Damon and dedicated to Jimmy Kimmel (who was her boyfriend at the time).

Meanwhile, her feature-film credits include “Wreck-It Ralph,” and she will star in Seth McFarlane’s comedy “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” scheduled for release next year. She also was one of the comics on the dais for Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco on Labor Day.

We recently asked the vivacious comic about her upcoming show in Ridgefield, what drew her to the comedy world and how she developed her style.

Q: What can fans who have only seen you perform on TV expect at a live show?

A: They’ll get a live, first look at my set for my HBO special, which comes out Nov. 23. And the audience has everything to do with how the show goes. It’s just this kind of energy that is bounced back and forth, and the crowd and I both feed off of it. Plus, when I perform live, I’m nude from the waist down, so there’s that.

Q: How do you come up with stand-up material? Does it happen during everyday life or do you have to force yourself to sit down at a computer and write?

A: A little of both, is the boring answer to that.

Q: What first drew you to comedy?

A: I knew I wanted to be a comedian since I could remember. Watching Letterman and owning everything by Steve Martin. My mom had a Woody Allen double album and we listened to that a lot. It was the one power I had in my little life, and it made me so happy when I could make someone laugh, especially my family; it made my arms itch. That’s a good thing.

Q: One of the things I love about your comedy is that it’s no-holds barred. Were you always unafraid to say what’s on your mind or did you develop that with time?

A: I’d love to take credit, but it was just the home I grew up in. I never felt that way until I moved from home. There was never a topic we couldn’t talk about or a word we couldn’t say at home. Words were always a good thing.

Q: Was there ever a time you felt like you took a joke too far?

A: Yeah, there have been times, and continue to be times, where I push too far, but I always can tell by how it feels. When I get a sinking feeling in my heart I know I need to cut it or change it or re-think it. It’s a very simple and accurate barometer for me.

Q: It’s been years since I heard “I’m F—— Matt Damon,” but it’s still stuck in my head, and I also know you won an Emmy for it. Can you talk about how that song came about?

A: It was a surprise for Jimmy Kimmel’s birthday show that a couple writers for JKL (“Jimmy Kimmel Live”) and myself came up with. We shot it in Miami where Matt (Damon) was living at the time and I was going through there on tour. We had an evening to write and record it and the next morning to shoot it. Lots of fun and great to see the surprise on JK’s face. Fun was had by all.

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