In “Black NRA” Public Service Announcement


Posted today on Funny or Die is a video called “Black NRA,” and along with Sarah in the acerbic satire are David Allen Grier, Ron Funches, Deon Cole, and Neal Brennan– all saluting a new civil rights organization with “a goal of getting guns into the hands that need them most…” (Click pic to watch.)

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3 Responses to In “Black NRA” Public Service Announcement

  1. lawrence leone CFLS says:

    I want to have your baby. The black NRA ad is the best hoot of the year. Imagine the retro show – Arming the Panthers or
    the 1,000,000 assault rifle march on Washington… I offer a low bow to your tireless humor, humanity and guts.


  2. lawrence leone CFLS says:

    Your right the NRA’s work is not funny. It’s killing children and by the same people who bring you sugar breakfeasts for children, making money by selling death (like tobacco and arms)and making the world more sad. Sarah has nailed it perfectly and maybe its too close or clear help you “get” the humor. We are here, a Catholic Pope said, to help others rethink fearful conclusions falsely reached. The NRA sells fear Sarah, with a low bow, always makes the world less sad.

  3. Gabby Franco says:

    I know you will delete my message as you did before even though I am respectful.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s not that you were disrespectful. It’s just that this is the Sarah Silverman Fan Site.(You are mistaken if you think your comments are being read by Sarah or her posse.) We do agree with Sarah’s view (recently re-stated on Totally Biased) that people should be free to say anything. But at SSO we prefer to post words of and news for Sarah’s admirers.

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