Video: Sarah’s set from Franco roast


Here’s much more than just the previously released video “preview” of Sarah on the James Franco roast, including lots that has not previously appeared in print. Close to six minutes, from Seth Rogen’s introducing her to the end of her set. (Click the pic to watch.)

UPDATE 9/15/13: Viacom made YouTube take down this video, so we’ve posted a transcript of Sarah’s set here. It loses a lot without Sarah’s delivery, the guffaws of the audience, and the cracking up reactions from the rest of the dais. But it’ll have to do for now if you don’t want to buy the whole roast on iTunes.

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One Response to Video: Sarah’s set from Franco roast

  1. Heidi says:

    the video seems to have been removed due to copyright issues :(

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks for the alert, Heidi. We posted a transcript instead.

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