Wahlberg says drunk on Brit TV was just “a bit.”

081213WahlbergDigitalSpyIn a section of an interview with Digital Spy posted today, actor Mark Wahlberg, recalling his controversial London appearance on the Graham Norton show in February, said his wacky behavior had been planned.  He explained that “Sarah Silverman and I talked about doing something funny– trying to do a bit. And some people took it a little too seriously.”

As interviewer Emma Dibdin reported, “It was widely speculated that the actor was intoxicated when he made his February appearance, during which he sat on Norton’s lap, played with his nipples, and repeatedly interrupted fellow guest Sarah Silverman.” If you’ve forgotten the incident, go here to watch the Norton show (it’s definitely don’t-miss-TV, including very funny reactions from and interaction with Sarah). Then click the above pic and listen yourself to what Wahlberg said to Dibdin– and decide what to believe.

Wahlberg is on a promotional tour for his new movie, 2 Guns.

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  1. Sparky21901 says:

    Have to admit, that was really funny..Mark Wahlberg & Sarah Silverman on the Graham Norton Show.

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