With Gurian, Kroll at 7/26/13 JFL Awards


This video clip is from the July 26 red carpet of the Just for Laughs (JFL) Awards Show. Sarah interrupted comedy writer Jeffrey Gurian (here in his role as interviewer for Comedy Matters TV) as he was conversing with comedian Nick Kroll. Kroll had given Gurian a recurring role on hisĀ Kroll Show on Comedy Central, and he alludes to that during this clip. Also stepping in briefly were comedian Jeff Ross, host of the JFL Awards Show, and businessman Andy Nulman, founder of JFL. Sarah was on her way to presenting the Short Film Award to her JASH partner, Michael Cera, for directing Brazzaville Teen-Ager. Click the pic to watch and you’ll see why this synopsis had to be so long, although the clip is only 3m30s.

The awards show was part of this year’s 31st annual Montreal Just for Laughs festival, in which Sara was also host of two comedy galas.

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