French recap of Sarah at JFL 7/27/13

What follows is barely comprehensible at times, only because it is a Google-translate version of the original 7/29/13 article from the Montreal (Canada) newspaper, La Presse, which is in French. (If you can provide a more fluent translation, send it to us here.) It does give a glimpse at Sarah’s performance for those of us who didn’t attend.

Sarah Silverman: Queen of Discomfort

Saturday night, the scene of the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier was invested by one of the headliners of the most anticipated Just for Laughs: Sarah Silverman.

The comedian and actress 43 years appeared in a small satin dress galableue arranged to large rising military boots. A mix of genres in the image of humor Silverman, after throwing the flowers never fails to reach the pot there.

“I’m Jewish. And I’m very happy to be in Montreal, because there is a big Jewish community. At least I assume so, seeing all the problems of corruption!, “She says.

Known for his songs, as I pat Matt Damon presented on the set of the TV show of her ex-husband Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman chose Saturday night to interpret all Francophones are not douchebags, – ” except in France, “she said at the end of his performance.

Straight from Toronto, K. Trevor Wilson opened the evening by telling a few stories about his Christian Scientist family. A very original and well-written sketch.

Brent Weinbach will meanwhile not made history with his imitation of the British accent. The public is also not too seemed embark in his delirium.

After the only downside of the evening, Jimmy Carr has entered the applause of the public. The large size of British humor was up to our expectations, using his pen in unrestrained vitriol – Canada’s expense, then lesbians, between mocking laughter. Without a doubt the best performance of the evening, which continued with the comeback of Sarah Silverman. It is then a field day playing with stereotypes Americans about Canada. Obviously well aware of the political situation in Quebec, she was even allowed on several occasions, to mock mayors in prison or about to navigate.

Kyle Kinane then made his entrance on stage in the skin of its marginal character, imitating a cat. Friendly. Tig Notaro and offered an offset performance and absurd that seems to have captivated the public.

With a sketch of the horses and the robotic telephone operators, Kyle Dunnigan is is well out on him.

Recurring theme galas Just For Laughs, gay marriage has yet to speak, and a lot laugh. Sarah Silverman listed with the irony and cynicism that he knows “the many horrible things that would result from the marriage between persons of the same sex.”

The Australian impressive speed Wil Anderson concluded the gala mocking his American cousins and imitating Steve Jobs when he arrived in heaven. A good number, if not of his fall on money anus …

Playing constantly on the look of beautiful perfect girl to surprise with its vulgar and politically incorrect replicas, Sarah Silverman again proved Saturday night that she was the queen of discomfort and tongue-in-cheek.

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