About 7/20/13 Palms show

Here’s Susan Stapleton reporting in HauteLiving.com about Sarah’s July 20 Las Vegas performance at the Palms Casino Pearl Theater.


“Sarah Kate Silverman,” as opener Kyle Dunnigan introduced her, performed a rare stand up set at the Pearl at the Palms on Saturday night. Dunnigan, who warmed up the crowd coming out as a character named Craig who was less stand up and more awkwardly funny character, had the crowd laughing before he went into a spot-on impression of Bill Maher (who happens to be a Pearl resident headliner returning in early September) ending “Craig’s” stage time and giving Kyle a few minutes to finish his set as himself.

Sarah Silverman took the stage with some Vegas observational humor before launching into a set that started in true Silverman style — a strange conversation about searching for porn on her phone and watching it obsessively — before calling out a female fan who seemed to have a little too much fun at the bar before the show. Silverman eventually went back to her story, telling the eager audience member, “Let’s get back to being a lady and listening to me talk about porn,” before moving on to the rest of her set.

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  1. Corey says:

    I was at the show. It was a true once in a lifetime event for me.I freaking L O V E Sarah!! I have been a fan for years, and I made sure to buy my tickets early, because I thought she would sell out quick. Made the mistake of buying them through some online ticket outfit and it cost me a small bundle. But I don’t care. Sarah is worth every penny. She delivered exactly what I expected. And she handled the drunk heckler like the masterful comedian that she is.
    Come back soon, Sarah!!

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