Sarah happy for Kimmel’s wedding

Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel, married his long-time girlfriend, Molly McNearny, on July 13.

When asked about it in a Las Vegas radio interview the week after the wedding, Sarah  said, “I’m totally happy for him and we e-mail all the time and I’m friendly with both of them, totally. But it’s not like you can say, ‘Oh I don’t have any weird feelings’– I definitely have feelings about it. But I can’t decipher what they are, but I know that they must be normal.”

Sara was not invited to the wedding, and said, “I think it would be weird if I was. Even if they are both so lovely to me and loving, it’s going to be awkward for– you know it’s her special day. There would be a part of me trying to look really good. But it’s their special day.”

Sarah also reacted to the wedding briefly on video when she was signing autographs for fans. (Go to the 18 seconds timecode.)

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