On Mark and Mercedes radio program 7/16/13



The “Mark and Mercedes in the Morning” show on radio 94.1 in Las Vegas talked to Sarah July 16. Nothing particularly revealing during the 6m:58s interview.


Tying in to Mercedes’ comments about the unexpectedness of Sarah’s having voiced the Vanellope character in Wreck-It Ralph“: “When I did my first special, Jesus is Magic, it was in movie theaters, and really religious people would go, not knowing what it was. Like, “I’m going to take you to a movie called Jesus is Magic.”

About the “scandal” involving Colorado politician Joe Salazar’s retweeting one of Sarah’s tweets:

“First of all, I’m surprised that he retweeted it. I think that’s hilarious and awesome. But the way that they spin it is so gross. I was reacting to the whole ‘vaginal probe if you want to get an abortion’ thing, as if it’s not a torturous, devastating decision to make about your own human body, as it is. I just said I’d like to [“anal” bleeped from broadcast]-probe him, before he makes important decisions, which is how he put it. And then that Salazar guy, politician retweeted it and they’re [the then-reacting state Republican Party] like, ‘He said he wanted to rape him.’ It’s a reaction to HIS legislation that is so totally rape-ey and violating.”

About how much valuable information she gets fromTwitter:

One time I tweeted, ‘Sisters of Color: What moisturizer should I use?’ Hands down, Palmers. I’ve been using it ever since. A hundred percent across the board. ”

About Jimmy Kimmel having gotten married over the previous weekend:

I’m totally happy for him and we e-mail all the time and I’m friendly with both of them, totally. But it’s not like you can say, ‘Oh I don’t have any weird feelings’– I definitely have feelings about it. But I can’t decipher what they are, but I know that they must be normal.”

Sara was not invited to the wedding, and said, “I think it would be weird if I was. Even if they are both so lovely to me and loving, it’s going to be awkward for– you know it’s her special day. There would be a part of me trying to look really good. But it’s their special day.”

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