Interviewed 7/11/13 on Vegas radio

As part of the promotion of her July 20 show at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Sarah was interviewed July 11 by Brian Shapiro on Vegas KXNT radio (100.5 FM).  During the 13m:30s interview, she touched on a number of different topics.

About the rumor circulating that she might take a job on TV’s The View:  “Zero truth” to that. But she did go on to evaluates Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s politics.

Asking Sarah about her (2012) online  proposition to Sheldon Adelson, whom Shapiro observed does have ties to Las Vegas, Shapiro censored himself by referring to her offer as having been a lap dance. Sarah corrects him, “I offered the way, I think, lesbians sometimes have sex: it’s not rock or paper.”

About who were some of the people she looked up to growing up and still does today: Albert Brooks, Woody Allen, Super Dave, Seinfeld, Paula Poundstone, Steve Martin. Then she added, “I used to write letters to Steve Martin…and I’d get that stock picture of him with the fish in his suit and it’d say ‘Best Fishes.'”

Asked how she feels about her admirers, she said, “It makes me happy…I think it’s an honor…I think it’s an honor when it’s young people, but I also have this–like–fifty year old guy contingency.”

About magic: “Close up magic scares me. I don’t like it…When I see magic, it makes me crazy.”

About the upcoming wedding of her ex, Jimmy Kimmel: Sarah and Jimmy do still talk a lot. (“He said it best, we’re like brothers”).

Comparing her last TV special (ten years ago) to the one she’ll be doing this fall: “I definitely have changed because I’m older and I’m different… the common theme is [still] like social politics. But I’m not Mort Sahl reading from the paper. There’s still a lot of really dumb jokes.”

About whether people are too touchy, taking comedians too seriously: “Comedy is subjective…Comics get terrified to talk about what they do as art…But…it is art. It doesn’t mean it’s good art. But it’s subjective. It’s not for everyone.”

About her boyfriend, Kyle Dunnigan:  He is “a doll.” And he will open for her at the Palms (as he often has done elsewhere on her 2013 gigs).

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