Sarah channels cop

Sarah posted a permed-out photo of herself on her Whosay 7/13/13 with the caption, “I Rizzoli.” Jane Rizzoli is the police detective character Angie Harmon plays on Rizzoli and Isles.

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2 Responses to Sarah channels cop

  1. Scary Movie says:

    Where are you? The show is about to start and you’re not here. Can’t wait. I’m video taping the whole thing through iPhone. What’s this iPhone business? Everyone is on Facebook and twitter. It’s like another dimension and I’m still on earth. Can’t wait till its back to normal again. Normalness will come when Hillary is president. Glad I’m going to imitate her on SNL. Can’t wait for the show to start. Your friend and mine.

    Erin Heather Lee

  2. Scary Movie says:

    It’s Madonna to be late. Left by Madonna.


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