Sarah’s dad rebukes princesses

Bravo Network’s new show, Princesses Long Island, has spurred controversy about its portrayal of some Jewish women.

Sarah’s father, Donald Silverman, spoke, along with other consultants, to Mike Sacks, in a Huffington Post Live segment about this issue. Offended at the implication that only young Jewish women, “JAPs,” may be “selfish entitled people,” he instead suggested viewers should be equal opportunity critics of such egotism, inventing such epithets as “BAPs: Boca American Princesses, CAPs: Christian American Princesses, or NAPs: New York American Princesses.”  Donald also took the opportunity to brag about his “four wonderful daughters and five wonderful grandchildren,” all of whom he declared are down to earth. Clicking the pic will take you to highlights of Silverman’s sections of the segment.  To read more of Donald’s life views, follow him at @RantsFromBoca.

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