More Glimpses of Sarah at the AFI Brooks Award

From‘s June 7 “Party Report” (Mikey Glazer), two tidbits involving Sarah at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award gala (6/6/13) for Mel Brooks: 

[Judd Apatow] arrived early to mingle and brought his daughter Maude over to meet Sarah Silverman at a centerfield table, admitting that she was nervous to meet the comedienne.

The humor skewed inside at times, jokes ranged from pre- fame meetings at the Big Boy in Burbank to Sarah Silverman’s poke at the less popular ‘Mel’ (Gibson). Following her comedic victory, Silverman slipped out of her Alexander McQueen heels off as soon as the lights went dark to exit stage right more comfortably.

Sarah fans should mark their calendars to watch the whole event when it airs June 15 on TNT.

UPDATE: USA Today quoted these Sarah lines from the Brooks tribute: “Finally, a lifetime achievement award for Mel Brooks! Wow. What an elegant way to say, ‘Hey: Let’s wrap it up.’ ” And, “Handsome Mel Brooks taught us that when we contrast levity with great sadness we can get not just hilarious but also important comedy with a beautiful and deep inner core. And we also learned from another Mel – Mel Gibson, who taught us, ‘Never drink and hate Jews.'”

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