Sarah said to be fashion model

Here’s Lauren Valenti, writing June 7 for about Sarah’s look at the June 6 Mel Brooks gala:

We have reason to believe her style has undergone a bit of an evolution. Case in point, her look from last night’s gala celebrating Mel Brooks’ AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, in which she channeled the style icon you’d least expect: Brigitte Bardot.

Her biggest ode to the French siren was undeniably the teased updo. You know this updo, you’ve tried this updo. It looks effortless but in reality it’s an absurdly trying task to D.I.Y (trust us, we’ve done the leg work). However, Silverman makes it appear just as easy as Bardot did when she was traipsing around St. Tropez. Then there was another ode to the ’60s, the tasteful white bustier dress with lace overlay and black sash that cinched at the waist. Aside from how put-together she appears, we think this is the most comfortable we’ve see the comedienne look wearing this femme an ensemble.


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