Mel Brooks likes Sarah





With a new PBS bio about him airing Monday, May 20, then released as a DVD, Mel Brooks has been front and center recently, and he brought up Sarah’s name on a short list of people he finds funny.  Here’s what he said, as reported by
USA Today on May 17 :

“Very few people make me laugh. Louis C.K. Sarah Silverman. My  8-year-old grandson, Henry,  loves her more than anything as Vanellope in Wreck-It Ralph.  Some movies — the first Hangover was unusual and funny. Judd Apatow, all his stuff. Steve Carell.”

UPDATE: In David Bianculli’s NPR radio interview with Mel Brooks (April 20), the comedian again expressed admiration for Sarah Silverman. Here’s what he said when citing Wreck-It Ralph as the most recent movie he and Carl Reiner watched together and laughed a lot at:

“I think Wreck-It Ralph— we saw the cartoon. We liked it, with John C. Reilly playing Ralph. And we just loved Penelope (sic) played by Sarah Silverman. She’s glorious. And generally she’s one of the few new– there’s Amy Schumer who’s come along too, who’s wonderful. I mean, but they’re– There are people that come along who are really good and funny– and Silverman was– we both love her.”

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