More bits of roast

Here are additional details about Sarah’s role in the April 5 Friar’s Club roast of Jack Black.

This account from reveals an Oliver Platt joke, and places many of the previously reported zingers in context:

“It’s unusual for Sarah Silverman to be at table with comedians,” [Roastmaster Bob] Saget said introducing her, “she’s usually under a table jerking them off.” “Anyone who’s seen Bob do comedy knows it’s nothing like Full House,” Silverman replied. “He played a sweet dad in Full House, and now plays a lousy comedian for a half-full house.” Turning to the corpulent actor Oliver Platt, she said: “you’re distantly related to Princess Diana, which means that bulimia is not an inherited trait.

“There are so many fossils here, I thought that Ben Stiller was shooting another Night at the Museum sequel,” Silverman said. Turning to Lewis, she said: “The last person who thought you were funny in France just died. Jerry Lewis doesn’t think that women are funny and now no one thinks Jerry Lewis is funny.”

“Jack Black is very shy- he prefers to be left alone- that’s why he made Nacho Libre … School of Rock changed my life- because you can’t get rid of anal warts.  Jack is so fat, his last movie was shot by Google Earth. He’s not starved for attention, just onion rings.”

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