Did =3 appearance spike JASH subscriptions?

Be aware that we have this information from only one source, so it could easily be a ploy to get publicity for Ray William Johnson, about whom we knew nothing before Sarah appeared on his March 26 webcast. But today (April 10) an article by Joshua Cohen at Tubefilter.com claims that the day after Sarah appeared on Johnson’s Youtube show, =3, JASH “gained 20,256 subscribers,” and that a week later, Silverman’s YouTube channel is still averaging roughly 887 new subscribers per day, a 220% increase over her pre-RayWJ numbers.”  Sarah fans who are more familiar with web analytics than we are should comment below if the reported stats appear accurate. Meanwhile, if RWJ is so influential, why wasn’t Sarah’s appearance reported on back then, instead of not until today’s sudden flurry of online notices? Our article on Sarah’s =3 appearance was posted March 27.

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