More of Sarah at 4/5/13 roast

From come more of Sarah’s lines from the Jack Black roast:

“I worked with Jack on the movie School of Rock, and being on that set with him…changed my life forever– because you can’t get rid of anal warts.”

“Speaking of asshole and armpits, Amy Schumer is here. Her new show is called Inside Amy Schumer, which is brilliant; it’s got a double meaning, like inside her head, and sexually, like inside her filthy asshole. She’s great. Her last special took a lot of balls, just like her face.”

Here’s the Wonderbra line in context, which makes it funnier than the previous ways media reported it:
“Jack is so fat, his last movie was shot by Google Earth. He went on Jenny Craig, she suffocated to death. John Mayer wrote one of his most famous songs about Jack Black: ‘Your Body Needs a Wonderbra.’ Unlike most comedians, Jack is not starved for attention— just onion rings.”

And the way Sarah continued roasters’ ridicule of Al Roker’s pooping his pants revelation:
“Kyle Gass and Jack Black — amazing musicians — and Bob already touched on this, but instead of Tenacious D, they were going to call themselves Black Gass, but that was already taken by Al Roker’s pants. I know, I know, these Roker jokes have already jumped the shart.”

[Other Sarah lines are in our previous roast report.]


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