Wit teems at 4/5 Jack Black roast

     Reports are out about the barbs of Sarah (and others) at the Friar’s Club Jack Black roast last night.  The most often quoted Sarah jabs at Black have been this pair: “Jack is a really shy guy. He really prefers to be left alone. Which is why he made Nacho Libre.  John Mayer wrote one of his most famous songs about Jack Black: ‘Your Body Needs a Wonderbra.'”
.     Sarah skewered others present with as much zest.  Donna Freydkin at USA Today called Sarah, “the show-stealer,” for the way she “took legendary comic Jerry Lewis to task for his comments that women don’t make good comedians: ‘Jerry, France called. The last person who thinks you’re funny just died,’ she said on stage, referring to the Legion of Honor medal awarded to Lewis by that country in 2006. [She asserted,]’Jerry doesn’t think women are funny and nobody thinks Jerry is funny.'”  And of Bob Saget, she suggested, “Anyone who’s seen Bob’s stand-up knows it’s nothing like Full House. He played a sweet dad for Full House; he plays a terrible comedian for a half-full house.”
.     The roasters were not shy of giving back to Sarah. Bob Saget said, “Sarah has been like a daughter to me. Never fucked her.” And Oliver Platt declared, “I’m not a comedian. I hate it when these things get mean. I would never do something like call Sarah Silverman an (expletive).” So far, the expletive has not appeared in print.

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