Sarah writing with Tig Notaro?





Comedian Tig Notaro’s promotional material for the Professor Blastoff show she and Kyle are doing in Phoenix on April 27 says Sarah is working with her on “a TV adaptation of her popular regular live show at LA’s Largo Theater, Tig Has Friends.” (For those of you new to Sarah fandom, Tig is a long-time friend and associate of Sarah, who had a recurring role on The Sarah Silverman Program.)

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One Response to Sarah writing with Tig Notaro?

  1. Johan says:

    People new to Sarah fandom? Lol, Sarah is like the sunshine, everybody knows about the sunshine, people living under a rock know about the sunshine.

    Meanwhile here under my rock, while it should be spring it is snowing for the first time in recorded history. We need our sunshine

    (for those new to Sarah fandom, homeless Mike calls Sarah ‘Sarah Sunshine’ in the SSP, rather apt name since Sarah is neither Silver nor a man but certainly sunshine 😉

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