On JV Club podcast 3/7/13

Sarah was a guest for almost an hour on comedian-actress Janet Varney’s March 7 episode (#52) of her podcast “JV Club.” You can go to Nerdist to listen, or click here for direct access to the podcast. Haven’t gotten done indexing it yet, but here are some highlights of the first half:

Sarah’s on at 10:00, so skip straight to that. At 19:25 she talks about her first “sex,” which wasn’t real sex, at age 18. This is not the story from her memoir of losing her virginity; this is years before that.  At 20:45 she mentions that the only person in her high school she found attractive was a teacher, not a student.  At 22:14 she does mention that when she did later lose her virginity, finding out how great real sex was led her to “want to have sex all the time, and then [she] did for about a year.”  At 25:48 she tells a story of working as an 18 year old cocktail waitress in New Hampshire and discovering her boss was masturbating as he talked to her in his office.  Varney likes to talk herself a lot, so if you find parts of the hour tedious, you might want to fast-forward your media player at times.

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