Sarah’s sister and niece arrested in Israel

Fans who follow Sarah’s twitter already knew at 6 this morning (Eastern US time) that her sister and her niece had been arrested for non-violent protest at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. That’s when Sarah tweeted her pride at their activism. At the time the online photo was of their backs (garbed in the offending prayer shawls), but by hours later when the story went viral, full on pics were published.  Bet Sarah’s dad was proud, too. Here’s a piece from the NY Daily News:

     Rabbi Susan Silverman, Hallel Silverman, 17, and eight others were detained for several hours after being charged with violating an Israeli court ruling that bans women from wearing traditional prayer-shawls or praying too loudly at the holy site.

     “I was proud to take a stand for something I believe in. There is inequality at the Western Wall,” Hallel Silverman told the Daily News. “The space allowed for women is becoming smaller and smaller. If the law is changed, I will be proud to have played a small part. … The rules are outdated. It’s 2013 and we’ve moved on. It’s time the law moved on too.”


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One Response to Sarah’s sister and niece arrested in Israel

  1. Beth Ann O'Hara says:

    Thank you so much for reporting all of Sarah’s news, including the brave works of her family members. I am filled with admiration and gratitude for your dedication to this site.
    You’re a good person, Chris.
    Beth Ann O’Hara, Sarah’s mom

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