More London: On Graham Norton TV talk show with drunk Mark Wahlberg (2/8/13)

Sarah was on England’s Graham Norton “chat show” February 8, along with Mark Wahlberg, Michael Fassbinder, and musical guest Laura Mvula. Norton’s format puts all three guests on the couch at once, so fans will have to tolerate questions for celebs other than just Sarah.

Click the pic to watch the episode beginning from Sarah’s entrance.

Sarah’s featured moments include when she:
Relates how her dad had a women’s fashion store in Boston.
Mentions her inability to get out of her mind seeing Michael Fassbinder’s penis in front of her face.
Answers questions about her nude scene in Take This Waltz.
Talks (of course) about Wreck-It Ralph, including about doing
the voice for the tie-in doll of her Vanellope character.
Tells the sleepover party story from her book (including several interruptions from inebriated Mark Wahlberg).
Tells the grandmother story from her book.

For the first half of the show, Wahlberg is cutely flirty with Sarah. Then his drunkenness becomes more intrusive in the second half. We figure this video will be quickly trending on Youtube: Surely Internet users will be flooding to watch Wahlberg in his wine-induced confusion sabatoge one segment after another. [Your total time commitment to watch will be about 40 minutes.]

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