In UK Daily Mail 2/4/13

All eyes in London appear to be on Sarah as she is about to do her first stand-up gig there in over four years. Evidence of their interest? Five new papparzzi photos of Sarah and Kyle lunching in Beverly Hills are featured on today’s media front page of the London Daily Mail, accompanied by the requisite tabloid-style article and captions:

     Comedian Sarah Silverman has never been married, but she definitely looked like a woman in love as she openly cuddled with Kyle Dunnigan during a long lunch Sunday in Beverly Hills.
     The 42-year-old Take This Waltz star began dating Kyle, 41, a little over a year ago.
     At their lunch, Sarah looked deeply into Kyle’s eyes and at one point, put her head on his shoulder as Kyle leaned in for a hug.
     Sarah wore black trousers and a black sweater with lace up black boots. Keeping with her colour scheme, Sarah also wore her raven tresses down while keeping her makeup light.
     Kyle sported a grey hoody over beige trousers and wore trainers on his feet. Although his hair looked freshly cut, he clearly hadn’t put a razor to his face in days.
     The casual look seemed appropriate to their leisure-filled Sunday lunch, where they both took their time, eating, talking and listening intently to one another.
     Sarah began dating Kyle at the end of 2011, following romances with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and then Family Guy writer Alec Sulkin.
     Kyle is the lesser known comedian of the pair, but he’s always working. Kyle has done stand-up on Comedy Central Presents and appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Live!
     He had a recurring role as a serial killer on Reno 911! and now co-hosts the podcast “Professor Blastoff” on the Earwolf network.

Further tabloid purple prose was in captions such as these:

Sweet nothings: Sarah Silverman leaned in to hear what boyfriend Kyle Dunnigan had to say during their romantic lunch Sunday in Beverly Hills

Lean on me: Sarah laid her head on Kyle’s shoulder after their leisurely lunch

How fascinating! Sarah listened intently to what her beau had to say.































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2 Responses to In UK Daily Mail 2/4/13

  1. Johan says:

    Comments section of the DM wins a prize. It’s full with folks pissing their vinegar hiding behind their fake aliases.
    I’d rather enjoy a day of Sarah Sunshine 😉

  2. Mike? says:

    DAT dude look’s like MY dead foreskin, ohhhh what a cool nerd he is.

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