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Sarah’s sweet discovery

Sarah’s post on Whosay December 9 has this caption: THE CANDY BARS IN AUSTRALIA HAVE CRUNCHY BALLS & LOADS!

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Backtrack: Penn on Sarah and Islam (6/6/10)

Just posted this link to a Penn Jillette video log from 2010 in which he praises Sarah’s memoir, and uses a piece of it as evidence of his thesis: even the most ardent social critics fail to comment on Islam … Continue reading

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Sarah on big screen at Slamdance

The 2013 Slamdance Film Festival just announced its lineup of showings and among the features will be The Bitter Buddha, which has been sporadically on the festival circuit this year.  Buddah is a documentary about comic Eddie Pepitone, but it also includes many … Continue reading

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Yet another Australia radio interview (12/5/12)

      Sarah “chatted” for 11m29s December 5 on the Ash, Kipp, and Luttsy program on Radio Australia. (Click pic to listen.)

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Interviewed at Sydney Opera House 11/30/12

Just before going on for her stand-up at Sydney Opera House on November 30, Sarah did this eight minute interview. In addition to the routine talking points, Sarah gives Conan O’Brien some nice props as a “big stepping stone” for … Continue reading

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On The Project (Australia TV 10) 12/5/12

The Australian talk show, The Project, interviewed Sarah and John C. Reilly as the actors continued their Down Under promotion of Wreck-It Ralph, which opened in Australia last weekend. (Click pic to watch)

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Video of Australia Red Carpet 12/2/12

      The questions are routine, but The Dress sure isn’t!      

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