Vanity Fair posts Sarah’s whole letter to Apatow

Sarah’s role in the January 2013 “first ever” comedy issue of Vanity Fair is a “letter” to the editor of the VF special issue, Judd Apatow, and accom-panying satirical photo. Vanity Fair posted it 12/14/12 as a preview of the issue, which is on newsstands now.

Dear Judd,
     I’d love to help with your magazine project, but I am unable to for several reasons.
     I’m really, really busy and really, really popular. So right off the bat, that’s a tough squeeze time-wise.
     I can’t say I’m familiar with this publication, unless it’s connected to the super-fancy paper-plate-and-plasticware company I love so much. Still, I’m sure you understand I can’t be writing art for a paper-plate-company magazine.
     O.K. I just Googled it and I do know this magazine—and as it turns out I have a big beef with them. Whenever they have a young-up-and-coming-movie-starlets-of-tomorrow cover, I’m blatantly snubbed. Am I not good enough to lounge in a vintage gown from the 1930s, lazily draped on a chaise, pretending to be in the same room as 14 other cut-and-pasted actresses in similar garb and furniture and poses? I was born to do that, and this magazine took that from me and continues to take that from me with every passing year. And why? Why am I repeatedly overlooked? Because I’m a polarizing Jew? Or is it because of what we all know but are afraid to say: I’m just too goddamned pretty?
     We may never know, but what I do know is this: You will have to do your comedy-issue curating sans me. I hope this doesn’t hurt sales too much.
Sarah Jane Anastasia Silverman XIV
PS: Mark Brazill was right.

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