Sarah ranked 23 of 99 by AskMen’s 2013 edition of their annual poll of Top 99 “Most Desirable” Women placed Sarah a respectable 23rd in the list. Here’s their explanation:

Sarah Silverman really worked it on both sides of the spectrum in 2012. At the start of the year, this always-likable actress and comedian appeared opposite Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams in Take This Waltz, and, in one scene, appeared completely nude. Yes, completely. We’re talking full frontal. And then, deciding to take things in the complete opposite direction, Sarah voiced a character in the wildly popular Wreck-It Ralph, playing a video-gaming 9-year-old.

Of the 22 women who scored above Sarah, only one was in her fourth decade: last year’s #1, Sofia Vergara, who is now age 40. The other twenty-one women above Sarah ranged in age from 37 (Christina Hendricks) to 19 (Michelle Jenneke). So that makes Sarah #2 in the “40 and Up” group.

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  1. Jim Miles says:

    I think it would be awesome for Sarah to record an album of expressive pop songs. Not that there is anything wrong with her regular stuff, like the “Lesbian Song,” but it would be a shame if her wonderful voice were not employed on, say, “Watch Your Step,” or “Ole Buttermilk Sky” Just wishin’. Her voice in “Wreck It Ralph” is OMG.

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